Personal Values

What are the most important values in your life? Is it Generosity, Kindness, Freedom,
Gratefulness, Integrity, or something else?
Some years ago, as a part of the process to find out how to move on in my life, I made
a list of my five main personal values (see above ;-), and reflected on why they were
so important to me. That exercise was a good help in finding out what really counted
in my life, and to take the necessary steps to live in harmony with it.
It might not be easy to name your values offhand, but if you search for “personal values”
on the Internet there are helpful tools to find out which they are.
At times I decide to live one of my values more intensly one day and really concentrate
on it. If I choose Freedom I might hike up above the tree limit for a long walk, enjoying
breathing the fresh air, moving at my own pace, seeing far and just – feeling free!

At this moment I think Joanne felt very free! :-)

At this moment I think Joanne felt very free! 🙂

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