Poetizing Life

When I read the expression “to poetize life” it instinctively appealed to me, even though I wasn’t really sure what it meant. Checking up the expression I learned that to poetize life means to “bring beauty and love to man, to make life poetic”. Well, that is exactly what I strive for in life. ☺
To poetize life doesn’t necessarily mean to write poetry. To read it, however, already is a great start, if it appeals to you. Since I picked up reading poetry again I have noticed the difference poetry makes in my life. Reading my favourite poets (Pablo Neruda, Rainer Maria Rilke, Rumi, and Hermann Hesse to name a few) and discovering new ones (Mary Oliver, Robert Frost , Edna St. Vincent Millay) sharpens my senses and brings me closer to feelings and sensations. It opens me up to connections, surprising insights, and to other people’s struggles and pleasures.
Nobody wants to live life along a uniform, grey track, shielding off from what could move him or her. We all want to live life to the fullest. I find “poetizing” it is a good way. It helps me to live with all senses wide open, taking in the way the sunrise colours the mountaintops with a warm pink, the sound of bleating sheep, the presence of an upset friend, a gush of wind in my face – or whatever life brings my way.
The prerequisite for a poetized life is to be relaxed and open, and to slow down your pace; not an easy thing to practice in our rush-around society. At a slower pace we are much more open for the beauty and wonders in our world. This is my little list on how I
poetize my life:

• Read poetry
• Write poetry (I work with haikus)
• Spend time in nature (hiking or working in the garden)
• Meditate
• Look for beauty everywhere: in nature, in art, among the people you meet
• Note what moves you during your day in a Poetic Notebook. Enjoy the notes in the evening, grateful for what any “ordinary day” brings you
• Write beautiful cards (preferably home-made) to friends
• …perhaps you have any nice idea?

What it all comes down to is to experience and get connected with the beauty in life, to consciously enjoy it – and to pass it on to others. To poetize life is to live it fully. Like Edgar Morin put it: “Living prose is only surviving. To really live is to live poetically.”

Let’s walk into another lovely day! (Thank you, @rumi_poetry)

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