Rain Makes Me Look Closer

While people in northern Europe have enjoyed ice creams on the beach and needed hats
against the sun, here in the Alps we’ve had one of the rainiest spring periods ever.
Day after day stuck in the clouds and more or less constant rainfall.
Still, I keep to my motto and go out every single day. It strengthens my body, refreshes
my mind, and boosts my energy level. Without my daily hours of fresh air something
essential is missing.
I always keep my eyes open for beauty along my path, and on misty, rainy days I narrow
my view and look really close. I kneel down and discover a shimmering raindrop in a
leaf, a pair of snails playing (at least in my imagination), and a piece of heaven in
the water drop on a Bluebell.
It’s true: you shouldn’t lose the big picture, but I love to take an extra look at the
tiny details in nature; it humbles me and makes me treat every sign of life with extra
love and care.
And then I get to my feet and let my gaze lose itself in the faraway mountain tops, even
though they’re mostly hidden behind masses of clouds.

The Bearded Bellflower

The Bearded Bellflower, full of beautiful rain pearls

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