Refreshed by Winter

Winter solitude
in a world of one colour
the sound of wind.
Matsuo Basho

I say winter, and I guess you think ”snow”. Alas, many places winter are not sparkling white at all, but mainly grey, humid and windy. We easily get a bit blue (or grey), and we definitely don’t want to go outside!
Even here in the Swiss Alps there are days like that, when I have to push myself out. I dress up warmly, and affront the humid cold.
Not everybody can afford a three hour hike per day, but shorter will do too. Drop your thoughts, stretch your spine and walk briskly for half an hour. You already feel much better: the blood circulation had a boost, your face feels fresh and your heart opens up. Whatever weighed you down before is whiffed off, at least for the moment. Your resting brain often comes up with solutions, according to the motto solvitur ambulando, “It is solved by walking”.
Life doesn’t feel that grey and lonely anymore when you come back inside. Prepare yourself a nice cup of tea, go back to your duties and enjoy being refreshed by winter.

Since writing the text it has snowed again!

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