Simplify, simplify!

With the freshness and light of spring there often comes a need to bring more
freshness and light into our homes, and into our lives.
Less things, less obligations, more Life!
You don’t need to live like a hermit in a mountain village and be radical about it,
but you can take some small steps in the direction of a simpler life.
Look at the amount of clothing items or beauty products, at books, home decoration stuff, or food products – what to you really need, what do you really adore?
This is a good guideline: “I only keep what I really adore”. All the rest – things you keep out of nostalgia, shopping errors, gifts you don’t really like, the pants you haven’t wore
for a year – it can go.
Imagine how wonderful to have a wardrobe with space, where you can see everything
clearly, and where you love every single piece of clothing?
Resolve to take some steps today to clean out the abundance and get spring freshness
and light into your home and into your life!

The Buddha is happy in a simple home & garden

The Buddha is happy in a simple home & garden

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