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There was a time in my life, when I was “forced” to live in a small space: as a student. My dorm room at university was 10 m² big. Its luxury was that it had its own sink, but everything else was shared: toilets, showers, and a tiny kitchen. But it was the first place of my own, and I loved it! You’d be surprised how many people we could cram into such a small place for a dinner or a party… 😉
Later in life I moved into bigger and bigger places, but they were always apartments. My home in the mountains is actually the very first house of my own – and yet it’s much smaller than many of the flats I have lived in.
Moving into this house was preceded by several waves of decluttering. Already before I left the city, inspired by the amazing book “L’art de la simplicité – How To Live More With Less” by Dominique Loreau, I had started to sort out and get rid of things. Later, when I knew I would move to a furnished flat in the mountains and store my belongings for a longer period, I became more radical. The fact is we often don’t hang on to things, but to the emotions and memories attached to those things.
When cleaning out my motto is: Keep Only What You Use Frequently and/or Love. The hardest things to sort out were my books. As an avid reader and book lover I first found it impossible, but then I decided on keeping only the books I knew I would reread. When it turned out that there was not enough space for all my bookshelves in the little house, I had to sort out even among these favourites. Nowadays I get my reading material from the public library, and if ever I want to own a book the rule is: one in, one out.
That rule actually applies for all areas in life. I just want to own what is strictly necessary (not always easy to define…) and definitely not everything in several versions.
There is just no space for an overflow of things – and I am happy about it: I live much lighter and more carefree with fewer belongings. And yes, the cleaning out is an on-going issue. Every year, when spring is in the air, I open my wardrobe, drawers and boxes and eliminate what I feel has become superfluous. Less is always more.

My beloved small space home

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