Snow-White Happiness

Ever since the winter of ’69, when we played in more than a meter of snow (and school closed for the day!) I have been longing for a really snowy winter. This year I finally got it, with interest and all 😉
The first snow already came in beginning of November, and stayed. I was even able to start off the snowshoeing season two weeks later! Then, last week-end, it started snowing seriously. Heavy snowfall for two days and in the end we had almost received a full meter. On Sunday I went out to shovel the 78 steps down from my house, and when I was done I just had to start right over again… But I loved it! Who cares about some extra work when the world suddenly is … magical?
Snow arouses a visceral feeling of happiness in many of us. When it starts snowing we run to the window to see the magical white movement outside; that joyful dance of tiny shimmering snowflakes. Then we go out, turn our heads toward the sky and try to catch snowflakes with our tongues, feeling like children again. For me no other weather or event in nature throws me back into childhood bliss as immediately as snowfall….
…I remember going very fast on a sledge down our steep garden path, building snowmen and “snowball lanterns” (a Scandinavian speciality?), having snowball fights and getting my face rubbed with snow by the boys at school. Not to forget all the snow angels we made – we were simply in heaven when it had snowed!
Of course, all these fun outdoor activities are a big part of our deeply rooted love for snow, but there’s more to it. The whiteness of snow is surely one important factor. In winter, when snowless days just seem gloomy and dark, the extra light that snow brings cheers us up considerably. It seems that people far up north don’t get as depressed as we might believe by the lack of sunlight because of the snow.
Yes, I know I’m privileged living up here in the Alps, where at least once a winter we get a proper layer of snow. I know that living in the “lowlands”, and especially in bigger agglomerations, the little snow you might get feels more annoying than anything else: all to quickly it turns to a grey and wet mash that just makes life more difficult.
Luckily snow stays very white and fresh up here. And despite all the shovelling, freezing, slipping & falling (ouch!), I adore snow. It brings light into my soul and fills me with deep joy. That is why I love to share the snowy beauty of my surroundings – have a glance at my Instagram account! These magical white winter landscapes spread so much light and joy – and so many wonderful memories!

The whiteness opens my eyes and my soul

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