Soft Lips

You could say I’m a bit addicted to lip balm. During many years I have been trying out
dozens of different brands to find the one I really liked. I ended up with quite an
expensive ecologic German lip balm by Dr. Hauschka.
However, in line with my endeavours to make my own health products, I found a recipe
for lip balm too. It took a few tries and some improvements until I was happy with the
result, but now I am.
Since I’m surely not the only one using – and abusing 😉 – lip balm, I’d like to
share my recipe with you!
The only ingredients you might not find around the corner are shea butter and beeswax,
but you can easily order them via Internet. Tea tree oil is optional, but not only does
it give the balm a nice smell; it’s also a natural antiseptic with antibacterial, antiviral
and anti-fungal properties.

Sabina’s Lip Balm
1 Tbsp shea butter
2 Tsp beeswax
1 Tsp ecological sesame oil
10 drops of tea tree oil

Put shea butter, beeswax and sesame oil together into a metal or glass bowl, and
melt the mixture in a hot water bath. The beeswax will take much longer to melt than
the shea butter. It helps stirring the mixture from time to time. When it all forms
a homogenous liquid, add the tea tree oil, and pour it all in a well cleaned little glass
jar – or whatever else small recipient you can find that is not made of plastic.
Put it in the fridge to cool of and become solid again.

This balm is now all that I use, and I hope it brings you as much joy as it does to me!

She loves it too!

She loves it too!

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