Solitude Vs Companionship

On certain days, when admiring a solitary tree along my hikes; or nights, when gazing
at the distant moon in the vast sky, a certain melancholy overcomes me. More than
otherwise I realise the fundamental fact that I Am Alone.
Now why should that elemental truth trouble me? Deep inside we are all alone. We are
born alone and we will die alone. In fact, the very fabric of our lives is made of
loneliness, or better: solitude.
(For the difference between loneliness and solitude, click here)
Throughout our lives we eagerly look for others to alleviate the feeling of having to
deal with all this fullness by ourselves. We look for the compassionate words from
someone we feel understands us, a steady shoulder to cry on, the smile from a friend
who participates in our happy moments, a warm embrace to hide in. For even if we’re
fully aware of the inherent loneliness in human existence, we can still be equally
aware of our deep need to share the experience of living, to communicate our worries
and joys with people with open eyes, ears and hearts, and to feel the soothing closeness
and warmth of this kind of sharing.
Luckily the positive sides to a chosen solitude prevail over the (few) negative ones.
I truly believe that I would never have been able to “find myself” the way I have done,
living in a tight couple. My creativity is blooming when I am totally free to explore it,
and I deeply enjoy being able to form my life according to my own innermost wishes.
As for companionship, I find that I appreciate it much more if I do not have it all
the time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Living alone is to constantly float in this contradictory state: knowing and enjoying my
human solitude, but softening it in moments of closeness and understanding. Like the black needs the white, the shadow needs the sun and Yin needs Yang.
Standing next to that particular tree with a slightly heavy heart, I start balancing out
the melancholy from inside: I fill my chest with air, push the corners of my mouth
upwards, and try to put some joy into the sad pool of my eyes. After a while the light
enters again, my spirits are raised, and my smile becomes genuine.

There’s something special about solitary trees…

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4 Responses to Solitude Vs Companionship

  1. Barbara Mage says:

    J’ai lu avec plaisir ta newsletter du lundi et suis repartie faire les exercices de respiration que je pratique depuis avril. Du coup, j’ai abouti sur ton blog et ai lu tes magnifiques commentaires et admiré les photos.
    Continue encore longtemps, cela me (nous) fait du bien car tu exprimes par ta plume à merveille ce que je (nous) avons certainement en nous, enfoui.
    Ton gâteau au coings est délicieux, plein d’amour et de poésie.
    Barbara une fin d’après-midi à la montagne neigeuse.

    • @spesab says:

      Oh, Barbara, quel beau commentaire! Grand merci pour tes gentils mots, ça me fait tellement bien 🙂 Avec tes mots dans mon coeur je continuerai certainement encore à partager mes petites pièces d’écriture avec vous. Encore merci!

  2. Carmen Franzen says:

    Dear Sabina,
    Ich kann völlig nachvollziehen was Du meinst, wie es Dir manchmal geht.
    Erkenne mich selbst wieder in Deinen Worten!
    Ist es nicht ein ewiges Suchen und Auskundschaften der Balance zwischen Einsamkeit und Zweisamkeit… ?
    Für mich, die in einer Ehe lebt, sowie für Dich, die alleine lebt, immer wieder und öfters eine sehr grosse Herausforderung. Aber so ist es, das Leben! Allein oder zu Zweit.
    Ich drücke Dich liebe Sabina, deine Carmen

    • @spesab says:

      Danke für Deinen lieben Kommentar, Carmen. Ja, es ist nicht immer einfach.. Im Grunde möchte man ja beides! 😉 Liebe Grüsse, Sabina

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