Sour Dough Bread

In whatever way you eat your daily bread – as sandwiches, with a salad or cooked meal – obviously the quality of it is crucial. After years of baking my own bread I most often frown upon purchased bread, with one exception. Sour dough bread. It’s the origin of all
leavened breads (ancient Egypt, around 1500 BC), and it not only tastes better but there’s a huge amount of studies proving that it’s so much more healthy than other kinds of bread. However, sour dough bread can’t be bought everywhere, so my strong advice is:
start baking it yourself! It’s not half as complicated or time consuming as you may think, it just takes some organisation.
1) You need to make a starter (bought ones are no good), 2) the evening before you make a “pre-dough”, 3) in the morning you mix all ingredients together, and let the dough rest in the fridge,  and 4) after work you can bake it!
Apart from getting a bread to your own taste (light or dark, with seeds or nuts, or whatever you fancy), apart from it being healthier than the purchased one, you also get the pleasure of this creative process. And who can resist the smell of bread fresh from the oven..? One of those smells that instantly plunges you in a state of deep bliss, I’d say!
An easy to follow, comprehensive introduction in English into sour dough baking:
And for the Swedish speakers, an excellent guide is found under:

With sunflower seeds and scalded oatmeal

With sunflower seeds and scalded oatmeal


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