Sow a Seed – The Miracle of Growth

Is there anything more miraculous than seeing something grow…? A child, a tree,
a cat, a vegetable, or a tiny plant?
You don’t need a garden to sow a seed and watch it turn to a plant. Already before
I got my own little private jungle (a.k.a. my garden) I found it exciting to put
seeds into soil, care for them with a lot of love – and patience – and watch them
turn into a plant. Of course, I wasn’t always successful (and still am not!), but
that doesn’t matter. Even if only one out of ten attempts are crowned with success
it’s worth it, because that ONE time is a real miracle!
Most of us have tried sowing seeds at school, perhaps with garden cress or something
similarly easy, but the seeds are not always that quick to start growing. Some may
take weeks, or even months, but then… Once something very small and tender starts
to pierce the surface you just gasp: this time, it worked! Life made its way and out
of a hard little seed a living organism is sprouting!
Even if it does not always work out that well, I love growing my own vegetables from
scratch (that is, not buying seedlings at the garden centre) and I find it enormously
rewarding. Kale, radishes, beans and carrots work out fine, and other kinds of veggies
will follow. Working with the trial & error method I get more and more experienced
with each year. However, for some reason sowing flowers fills me with even more joy,
perhaps because I am such a visual person, almost addicted to beauty. My favourite
“home-grown” flower is the morning glory, but nasturtium, hollyhock, cosmos, and
different varieties of poppies are also quite easy to grow up here.
Do you have difficulties in finding flower seeds (try Internet!), or find them too
expensive? Talk to garden owners in your surroundings! That’s what I did, and they
were happy to provide me with all kinds of interesting seeds from their own cultivation.
If you don’t have anybody nearby, let me know, and after the flowering season is over
you can have seeds from me! 😉

The morning glory (ipomoea tricolor) glowing in the evening light

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