Story of a Name Sign

In my region of Switzerland many houses have names. I find it a lovely habit
to give your house a name and thereby adding to its personality.
Once upon a time in a small Swiss village there was a little chalet called “Le Roc”
(“The Rock”). Never mind the story behind that name, but when I was told that
this chalet was for sale and went to look at it, there was no name sign on it and
I doubted if I had found the right place. However, by just looking at it from the
outside and because of its perfect location, I fell in love with the little timber
house high above the road at the end of the village, with huge lavender bushes
covering the entrance.
Half a year later the house became mine, even though I did not like its name: too
cold and “hard” for my taste. Instead I renamed it “Joyeux Soleil” (The Happy Sun)
and now it needed a name sign. Our amazing village factotum Flavia came up with
a beautiful piece of Arolla pine wood, perfect for the occasion: the Arolla pine that
grows on higher altitudes, especially in the inner part of my valley, is one of
my favourite trees.
Next step: to write the name on the plate. Using an old fashioned style did not feel
right, so during a recent stay here, my daughter showed me some clear, bold fonts
and inspired by one of them she made an outline, which I later filled in with three
layers of dark brown paint. The result was not perfect, but quite personal and I just
love it. It reminds me of the font used on the cover of the Tintin books, one of my
favourite comics ☺
Now it was time for the final step, the placement of the nameplate. Again I contacted
the fantastic Flavia, and with her artistic eye we found an excellent place above the
balcony door, which made it well visibile from my local road just below.
So finally my house has shaken off the old, heavy rock image and slipped into the
radiant epithet “Joyeux Soleil”, and since it’s all in a name I feel that we have many
sunny years in front of us.

The Happy Sun!

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