Strengthen What Is Weak

Most of my friends regularly visit a gym to get some workout, strengthen their bodies, and stay in shape. Living in a remote village without a car, that is no option for me. Of course, I get plenty of exercise through hiking, but that is a very one-sided training 😉
Some years ago I learned that I have a mild form of scoliosis and since my back problems had increased I realised I HAD to do something to specifically strengthen that part of my body. I found some good training programs on Internet and with additional tips & ideas from knowledgeable friends I put together a 15 minutes training program to
strengthen my back.
Unfortunately I am a rather lazy person, so at first I only practiced my little program every once a while. However, during the winter season, when I can’t always hike as much as I’d like to, the urge to move my body made me promise myself (in a New Year’s resolution) to start doing it twice, or even three times a week. Shortly after this intensification I noticed a real improvement. Before I had almost constant pain – not acute, but still – in my lower back. Now I only rarely notice my back, most often it just holds me up straight and strong. My ultimate goal is to do the back training program every day.
So if any part of your body is weak don’t spare it, but strengthen it. With the passing years it will only get worse. If you can, go to a good gym where instructors can tailor-make a training program for you. If not, put together your own program and DO it. What is a quarter of an hour twice a week..? Nothing, really, considering the importance of
your physical wellbeing.

Perfect when you can do your training program outside! 🙂

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