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Hand, Head and Heart

Writing (as any other “calling”) is a lot about discipline. I sit down to write in the morning, when my energy is high and my mind feels fresh. Often, however, inspiration is lacking and I just can’t think of what … Continue reading

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Solitude Vs Companionship

On certain days, when admiring a solitary tree along my hikes; or nights, when gazing at the distant moon in the vast sky, a certain melancholy overcomes me. More than otherwise I realise the fundamental fact that I Am Alone. … Continue reading

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To My Writing

Dear Writing, you have always been there, ever since I was a child. Back then I sporadically kept a diary, enjoyed writing letters to friends and relatives, and essay writing was my best subject in school. But after that…? Letter … Continue reading

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Drawing Again

When I was a little girl, I loved drawing. As soon as I got pencils and crayons in my hand, I’d draw something; mainly people, and often self-portraits. As a teenager I drew models wearing the latest fashion – and … Continue reading

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The Season of Plenty

T’is the season of plenty! I go out in the forests, along the hillsides and pastures and take delight in the overflow of life force. Everywhere I look, the energy of growth is manifesting and it makes me want to … Continue reading

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