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SaBina’s Best Banana Bread

Everyone loves it, and many have their own recipe: the irresistible banana bread! I wanted to do a vegan version (for my daughter), found a good starting point on Internet, subtracted, added, got input from my co-baker – and ended … Continue reading

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Do Them Yourself!

It is such a pity when the Holiday Season triggers more stress than necessary. All the Christmas cards we have to write, all the gifts we need to buy – and then perhaps even celebrating with far too many people … Continue reading

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Soft Lips

You could say I’m a bit addicted to lip balm. During many years I have been trying out dozens of different brands to find the one I really liked. I ended up with quite an expensive ecologic German lip balm … Continue reading

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Small-scale Everyday Ecologist

I have made my dream come true: to live a simple life in phase with nature. Being a small-scale everyday ecologist implies critically examining every single product I use: 1. Is it really necessary? 2. Can I get an organic … Continue reading

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Which Are Your Strengths?

Living the way I do I am in the privileged situation to have plenty of time for introspection and self development. One of the things I’ve concentrated on is drawing out my personal strengths, and developing them. We all have … Continue reading

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