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Hand, Head and Heart

Writing (as any other “calling”) is a lot about discipline. I sit down to write in the morning, when my energy is high and my mind feels fresh. Often, however, inspiration is lacking and I just can’t think of what … Continue reading

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Playing with Colours

Playing with colours makes us happy! Whether it comes to fashion, interior decoration or to a creative activity like knitting or painting – choosing colours and combining them spreads joy. Because of all the wonderful colours that exist, I love … Continue reading

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The Boundless Cookbook

Ever since I was a student, I find cooking to one be of the big pleasures in life, and I just love trying out new things. In the old days I had several running metres of cookbooks, but that has … Continue reading

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Keeping a Diary

When I left city life two years ago, I decided to start keeping a diary again, to follow the changes. As a child and adolescent I had tried out different kinds of journaling, but then I somehow lost interest. Taking … Continue reading

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