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Whisky Glögg

The holiday season is here and even in my village the traditional Christmas ornaments are in place on the lampposts. Apart from decorating my house the most important preparation is making my own glögg. Glögg is a Swedish version of … Continue reading

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Crispy Crunchy Knäckebröd

Some weeks ago I blogged about this season’s favourite soup and I think a soup needs to be accompanied by some nice bread. Most often I serve my beloved sour-dough bread, but a homemade crisp bread is also an appreciated … Continue reading

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Soup Season

Even this year’s amazing summer came to an end; autumn has arrived bringing chillier mornings and beautiful shades of yellow and red replacing the variations of green. With some regret I’ve had to switch summer’s eternal shorts to trousers, and … Continue reading

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SaBina’s Best Banana Bread

Everyone loves it, and many have their own recipe: the irresistible banana bread! I wanted to do a vegan version (for my daughter), found a good starting point on Internet, subtracted, added, got input from my co-baker – and ended … Continue reading

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Passionate Cookery

Significant for the lifestyle I’ve adopted up here in the mountains is that I spend hours and hours outside each day. Just like the slogan of a German sports brand puts it: “Draußen zuhause” (At home outdoors). However, every now … Continue reading

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Greens on My Plate

Of all the reasons why I love spring, one of the most important is all the GREEN! The crisp green colour of new birch leaves, upcoming grass, tender larch tree needles, and all the fresh herbs. Spring is the perfect … Continue reading

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Rosy Cheeks and Mulled Juice

Oh, how I’ve been waiting for the winter sports’ season to start! Due to the light and handy equipment I stick to show shoeing, and if you ever considered it: give it a try! It’s wonderful to be outside for … Continue reading

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