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Instead of Hibernating

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” Paul Theroux When the weather is snowy with a bit of sun winter is pure paradise! Going out hiking or snowshoeing in the crisp air and being dazzled by the bright sunlight … Continue reading

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At Home Outdoors/Draußen zuhause

When I was a little girl there was a period when my mother had to make me go outside. I just wanted to remain in the house, being a bookworm already then. There were not many kids nearby that I … Continue reading

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Refreshed by Winter

Winter solitude in a world of one colour the sound of wind. Matsuo Basho I say winter, and I guess you think ”snow”. Alas, many places winter are not sparkling white at all, but mainly grey, humid and windy. We … Continue reading

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Warmed by the Fire

In the main living area of my cottage the only heating source is a fireplace. Unfortunately it is too large for the room’s proportions, so it’s not easy to keep up a modest fire that does not turn the place … Continue reading

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White Light Meditation

In wintertime, when days are dark and grey, we need strategies to avoid getting gloomy. People turn on extra lights in their houses, or even take light therapy, plan for the next sunny beach vacation, or light dozens of candles. … Continue reading

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Walking in Snowfall

When the snow starts falling I want to go out. I love walking in snowfall, in the whirling movement of the air and snow around me. I turn my face upwards, and follow the little snowflakes as they fall. It … Continue reading

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Moon Haiku

Autumn Moon A slice of silver Cutting through deep indigo Summer’s soon over * Lune d’autonne Une fine lame d’argent Coup ce ciel bleu indigo L’été est fini

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