That Familiar Family Feeling

For a freedom addict and loner as myself, closeness with my family wasn’t always on top
of my list. The relations were warm and good, but – also due to geographical distances –
rather scarce.
Getting older I notice that above attitude is changing, and not only for me. For our
joint birthdays me, my brothers, cousins, uncles and aunts, and our old friends more
and more often just want to spend time together more often. Our material needs and
wishes decrease, and at the same time the wish and need to connect to those who have
been and are close to us increase. I wonder why?
More and more I see the similarities with my brothers, where I used to see only
differences. Was it because our parents treated us differently, or was it the need of
a child to diversify from its siblings, in order to stand out as a Person of its own?
Well, we diversified with life, and can now enjoy the similarities.
More and more, I realise the finitude of life, and the need to do what seems important
to me grows stronger: spending time with the ones I love, and showing them my affection.
Who knows if we’ll all be around tomorrow.
Our circles expand quickly when we’re young; life seems to be an endless bouquet of
options and possibilities. At a certain point, however, the expansion of the circles
is diminishes. We’re no longer indiscriminately make friends with whoever crosses our
path, we no longer go to ever single party we hear about, and we don’t stay up and
about until 6AM every Saturday, hoping for… new adventures.
Instead we’re getting more and more picky when it comes to what to spend our time on
or who to spend it with. We look back, and we remember the ones we were close to as
children, the ones who were always there. It dawns upon us that they might not be
around forever, so we take the time to call them, write them a letter or even better,
to visit them.
We take care of our history, our roots and our family because we realise that we
need to internalise where we come from before we can finally go somewhere else.

Dupond & Dupont, a.k.a. my beloved brothers

Dupond & Dupont, a.k.a. my beloved brothers

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