The Alphabet of Things I Love

A Alps
I love the strong beauty of the mountains and deeply enjoy living surrounded by them
B Botanics
Learning the names and features of plants I come across makes me appreciate them more
C Caponata
One of my all time favourite dishes, a Sicilian vegetable dish with, among others aubergine, my favourite vegetable
D Dream work
Since my youth I’ve been fascinated by dreams, their oddity, symbolism, and ”meaning”.
It is most interesting to keep a dream journal
E Edible wild plants
You’d be surprised how many of our common weeds found around your house are edible and even have medicinal qualities!
F Family & Friends
We all need family and friends to find our space in the world, to develop and thrive
G Gardening
Sowing, caring for and harvesting flowers, herbs and vegetables makes me feel close to nature and wonderfully alive.
H Hiking
“The mountains are always calling and I must go”. Hiking is life! ☺
I Ice Cream
A lifelong passion. When travelling through the US in 1977 I tried all of
Baskin & Robbin’s 31 flavours
J Joyeux Soleil
The name of my little timber house here in the Val d’Hérens, Switzerland.
My home & my castle
K Knitting
Enjoy it especially in winter time, curled up in my couch, with the flames dancing
in the fireplace and a cup of tea…
L Love
Love, all the shapes it comes in, is what makes life worth living
M Music
From Albinoni to Zucchero, across centuries, styles and genres – the perfect mood enhancer
N Nuts & Seeds
As a long-time vegetarian I adore nuts & seeds, not only because of their nutritional qualities. Have you tried this Nutty Chocolate…?
O Old school clothes
Vintage clothing! Wish I had saved more from my earlier years and my mother’s dresses from the 50’s – such details and such elegance
P Perfumes
I adore all the smells from nature (flowers, fruits, and herbs), but also man made perfumes (Hermès’ Un Jardin après la Mousson)
Q Quinten Quist
Main character in one of my favourite books (and movies!), “The Discovery of Heaven” by Dutch author Harry Mulisch
R Reading
Books have taught me so much, kept me company, made me laugh and cry e
ver since I was a little girl.
S Sea
One of nature’s most amazing features: the sea. Spreads so much vitality, both when it’s strong and rough in autumn or warm and welcoming in summer. Oh, the Caribbean….!
T Tenderness
Too little of it in the world. Tenderness is not weakness, but a soft force that makes ourselves and others come alive.
U UniQlo
Favourite Japanese brand of clothes – even though I’m (almost) off the consumerism track 😉
V Vegetables
From Avocado to White Cabbage, I almost love them all (sorry, okra, can’t get used to your texture), but aubergine is still my absolute favourite
W Writing
Writing is my creative space, my lifeline, and my main channel of communication
X Xylophone
Who can resist the soft, wooden sounds of an oboe or a xylophone? Not me.
Y You
You – the Other(s) – are as important to me as the air that I breathe
Z Zodiac signs
Guessed it? Mine is Libra, always in search of beauty and harmony –
and avoiding confrontation.

A nice drawing project! This poster found

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