The Curse of the Knitter

When I was twelve, our old aunt Brita taught me how to knit. That was the
starting point of my knitting mania that, with peaks and valleys, has stayed
with me ever since. It has resulted in innumerable sweaters, cardigans, hats,
mittens, shawls, and potholders for myself, for family and friends.
After the initial exaltation knitting was put aside for a while, just to return in
full swing as I entered university. At that time it was booming and we were a
bunch of girls knitting fervently during lunches and lectures, wherever it was
allowed! 😉 The second peak was when my daughters were small. I so much
enjoyed making colourful sweaters for them, preferably with some little animal
motif. As a bonus they were small and quick to finish – unlike knitting huge
sweaters for their father…!
As all other knitting maniacs know, a common problem is that you come up
with new ideas all the time. It is hard to not constantly start on new projects
without finishing off the old ones, and often you loose interest when it gets
too complicated or tedious. Such unfinished work tends to end up in a Huge
Knitting Basket – together with a bunch of other “procrastination projects”.
That is what I call the curse of the knitter: again and again you get inspired
by something you see, or you stumble upon irresistibly beautiful yarn, and even
if you’re already in the middle of knitting something else (and really don’t need
ANOTHER green sweater) you can’t resist, and so a new project is born.
Involuntarily I have been thrown off that vicious circle, since nice yarn is
expensive and I just can’t afford a lot of it anymore. Actually, I say “Thank
You, Fate!” because that has made me dig deep into my Huge Knitting Basket.
There I find lots of yarn, and if the unfinished item is not what I want to do
right now, I just unravel it and use the yarn for something else. Once I even
unraveled a whole sweater and used the yarn for – mittens! It feels good to (re-)
use what is already there and being satisfied with that, instead of always getting
something new.

Sweaters & co. from the 90’s!

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