The Greatest Gift

I know, they were not really “given” to me, but still I consider my daughters to be Life’s
greatest gift to me. Without them, I would never be the person I am today: thanks to their presence in my life, my ego and my need to prove myself have shrunk a lot.
Living with and raising children, you get to question a lot of your certainties. It can be
quite humbling, if you allow yourself to learn from them. And that’s really not obvious –
pride, insecurity and carelessness often come in between.
Once your children have grown up it’s wonderful to let go of the burden of responsibility
and, if you’re lucky, become good friends with them. That’s the stage I’m in now, and I
enjoy every second of it. Thank you, Life, for these two invaluable gifts!

Their visits are like whiffs of energy and love

Their visits are like whiffs of energy and love

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