The Maloja Snake

The last bus up to my valley leaves the city at 19h10 – even on week ends. Therefore, going to restaurants or the cinema are rare pleasures. Luckily I have friends with cars!
Some time ago I joined P&G to see the the “Clouds of Sils Maria”. It turned out to be one of those movies that linger on, and I still remember the enchanted and troubled feelings it triggered. However, it was not only the story and the performance of the actors that left a deep impression, but also the natural phenomenon that gave the movie its title.
The clouds they are referring to is the so-called Maloja snake in the Engadine (Graubünden, eastern Switzerland), “a cloud bank that winds its way through the Alpine pass like a river”. To me it has something absolutely magical, this cloud snake…
The funny thing is, that after watching this movie, I realized that we have similar cloud formations here in the Val d’Hérens.
When I hike on higher altitudes I often see large cloud streaks below, and often they form a kind of “snakes” into the side valley, la Vallée de Dix. It always takes my breath away to see this from above and I’ve taken innumerable photos of it, in different kind of weather and seasons.
One day, I hope to go to Sils Maria to see the original, preferably in autumn when the cloud snake is most likely to slither through the Bergell valley…

The Val d'Hérens Snake

The Val d’Hérens version

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