The Prerogative of Posture

The difference whether you slouch, or sit and stand straight is very noticeable. Apart of
it being very visible to the rest of the world, you can really feel the difference yourself: the straight position both shows and feels like being filled with strength, self-confidence, energy, and stamina – and a poor posture more or less indicates the opposite.
Somehow a poor position seems to demand less effort, I wonder why? Well, the effort to straighten your back is always worthwhile, as you will see below. So whenever you catch yourself slumping, even if you feel tired and like “I don’t care”, give yourself a push,
take a deep breath and straighten up. Immediately you will feel stronger, happier,
and more confident!
There are physiological reasons behind these changes: sitting or standing in a slouched position forces all your internal organs down, making your stomach protrude and causing physical discomfort. When you slouch, your head and shoulders come forward. This can
lead to jaw pains, headaches, to shoulder and back pains. A bad posture also affects your
energy output, makes you look heavy and out of shape, it causes stress and cuts off
your blood circulation.
Here’s the posture we should try to keep, when standing up: keep your gut sucked in and
hips rotated backward. Keeping our legs completely straight is wrong, because locked
knees may cause trouble for your lower back. Try to keep a slight bend in your knees so
that weight is distributed among your thighs and hips, instead of your spine. Whenever
you’re standing, walking, or sitting, try to keep your head in perfect alignment with
your shoulders and keep your chin tucked in.
One thing that has helped me in getting a better posture is meditation. To be able to
hold my position on a cushion for twenty minutes, concentrating on keeping my mind
silent, I have to sit straight, or there will inevitably be (even more) restlessness
and pain in my body. And as with all the other beneficiary effects of meditation, this
too has a huge influence on the way I live my whole life.
Finally, when you sit or stand straight your chest opens up, the outside air enters freely
into our lungs and Qi – life energy – can move unhindered through you. Your field of
vision is lifted up from the ground and the daylight can enter through your eyes into
your soul. Now, if that isn’t worth the little extra effort….!

This poor little spruce cannot straighten up by itself

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