The Stunningly Sage Sage

Out of all medicinal herbs, sage (salvia officials) is one of the most common ones –
and most versatile. Its curative qualities have been known for thousands of years:
already the Romans said “Cur moreretur homo dum salvia crosscut horto?”, i.e.
“How can a man die, when sage grows in his garden?”. Another good reason to grow
sage is that it is also one of the bees’ favourite flowers!
Wild sage, with its beautiful dark blue flowers, can be found in nature, but the most
efficient variety is the garden sage, originating from the isle of Crete. It is very
robust, and grows in almost any climate. The content of its essential oils rises a lot
on warm, sunny days and therefore you should always harvest sage in such weather, and
then let it dry in a warm place, but out of direct sunlight.
A strong infusion of sage makes your hair soft and shiny and if you gargle it, that’s
good for your teeth, prevents bad breath, and soothes an aching throat.
Sage has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect, calms down an overproducing
thyroid gland and helps with digestive problems.
The essential oil in sage prevents (excessive) transpiration, for a Sage cure drink
a strong infusion twice a day for 3-4 months, taking a break one day per week,
to relive your liver.
Similar to Rosemary, sage is said to improve brain function and memory, and is
actually used as a treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
The herb also has a superior level of vitamin K, which is a crucial element in
developing bone density, so if you suffer from early signs of osteoporosis try to
add sage leaves to your diet.
That brings me to sage in cuisine: it goes well with eggplant, fish, peas
tomatoes, potatoes, cheese, and beans. Sage, fried in butter, is a great condiment
to your pasta, and why not try a risotto with apple, walnuts, and sage?

Wild sage, for once without bees in it ;-)

Wild sage, for once without bees 😉

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