Village Life

After one and a half year up in my little village, suddenly I notice that I really
feel at home. That feeling is not related to my house or the surroundings (where I
settled in directly after moving here) but has to do with people. I’ve become acquainted
with many more of the villagers, and nowadays when I’m up and about I always meet
somebody to greet, wave at, or have a little “Bonjour, ça va?”-chat with. I feel seen
and acknowledged, and like being a part of this community.
This is one of the big advantages of living in a small place: eventually you come
to know almost everybody, at least enough to say “hello”. You’re not an anonymous
being anymore who passes by almost invisibly, but a fellow human being that it’s
worthwhile to greet and smile at.
Of course it has its disadvantages living in a small village. Everybody has their
eyes on everybody else and gossiping about people is probably one of the main
distractions, but I don’t care. As long as I live my life according to my convictions
and in a way that does not harm anybody, others can talk as much as they want.
And honestly, isn’t being talked about the smaller of inconveniences, compared to the
good feeling of being surrounded by fellow human beings, of being seen and cared
about? If ever I were in any serious trouble, I’m convinced that many of them would
not hesitate a second to help out. And they other way round too, of course.
I feel welcome and safe where I live and I really appreciate that, knowing that far
too many people don’t…

Passing by Tilly's house on my morning walk

Passing by Tilly’s house on my morning walk

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