Vin Chaud du Valais

However warm you might dress up in winter and however much you heat up your home,
sometimes you still feel cold to the bone. Forget salads and raw foods: eating or drinking something hot is key during this time of year. I’ve already sung the praise of ‘The Soup’,
but a nice hot drink is not bad either. Last season I published the recipe forour family’s favourite Mulled Juice (“Rosy Cheeks and Mulled Juice”) but this time I’m going for the stronger version, based on wine 😉
The British have their mulled wine, the Germans their Glühwein, the Swedes have their
glögg, and the French & Swiss have vin chaud.
There are many nice recipes of vin chaud, but here comes my personal favourite from
my region, since it’s based on white Fendant wine, grown right here in canton Valais.
It might be difficult to find where you live, but you can substitute it with any good
dry white wine.

Vin Chaud Valaisan
0,2 l water
0,1 l sugar
1 orange (eco), peel and juice
2 star anise seeds
2 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
¼ Tsp grated nutmeg
0,5 l white Fendant wine

* Wash the orange thoroughly.
* Peel off the outer (orange) zest from half the orange with a potato peeler.
* Press the whole orange to retrieve the juice.
* Heat up water in a pot, add sugar, orange peel and spices.
* Stir well for the sugar to dissolve, and let simmer 5-10 min.
* Pass through a sieve, add wine and orange juice and let it cool off.
* Fill into a bottle, or enjoy it directly, perhaps with some gingerbread cookies!

If you want to make it even more Valaisan, add a little Williamine, an eau de vie
produced locally with Williams pears. Strong stuff, so be careful with dosage!

Hot, tangy & fragrant! :-P

Hot, tangy & fragrant! 😛

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