Walking in Snowfall

When the snow starts falling I want to go out. I love walking in snowfall, in the
whirling movement of the air and snow around me. I turn my face upwards, and follow
the little snowflakes as they fall. It makes me completely dizzy! The snowflakes
tickle my face and they fall on my glasses, and eventually I don’t see much anymore.
So I take off the glasses, and the world becomes even more fuzzy and mysterious.
Now I’m completely alone in the forest: most people seem to avoid going out when the
snow is falling. Why…? The forest becomes so graceful and quiet; the snow covers
everything with a silencing, fluffy blanket.
Snowfall makes me feel like a child again, carefree and adventurous. The whole world
seems to dance and swirl and I’m just in love with this Big White Movement!

The wild, yet soft dance of the snow

The wild, yet soft dance of the snow

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