Water Heals the Soul

Spending large parts of my days in nature, calms me down and lets me rest. The constantly
thinking mind relaxes and becomes still. It’s a relief to drop the Ego’s obsessions and
worries, just taking in the freshness around, the sounds, sights, and smells.
Water conveys a special, soothing feeling. There are several explanations to man’s
fascination with water: moving water frees negative ions, is one of them. Negative ions
are said to have a positive effect on our mood and our brains. The regular sound of
waves reminds us of our time in our mother’s womb, is another explanation.
Water is such an amazing living organism. Have you heard about the effect of music on
water? Check out the Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto’s fascinating work on how water crystals react, when exposed to (among other things) different kinds of music or prayers.
Well, I don’t need scientific explanations to enjoy the beneficial effect of water.
Whenever I come across a torrent or river, I stop and stay with the moving water. The
sound, the constant flux; the sheer force of nature. I always leave refreshed and
invigorated. And if I’m in a sad or worried state of mind, water brings me back to
what’s essential in life: to go with the flow, to softly move across obstacles, and
to carry on.
It is true what they say: water heals the soul.

The beautiful play of light and water by the river Borgne.

The beautiful play of light and water by the river Borgne.

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