When a Friendship Ends

The first time this happened to me I was a child, and it struck me very hard. Since
then I have learned to handle it better, but there is no denying it: when a friendship
ends, you experience an important loss. You have to pick yourself up and realise that
this relationship that wasn’t benefiting either of you, and you will both feel free.
I was close to X. for a long time, we shared our inner feelings, joys and worries –
and now it’s over. It doesn’t hurt like a love affair coming to an end, but still:
it hurts.
I’ve asked myself all kind of questions, and come to the conclusion that both of us
weren’t always as open as we should have been towards the other with our intentions,
needs, and reactions. People also change over the years and grow in different
directions. I just have to accept that this happens in life, most likely to us all,
and to carry on.
Friendships aren’t that different from love affairs. Old wounds inside us make
us put up barriers, blocking closeness and progress. However, sometimes I feel that
these barriers also protect us: we can take in only so much suffering from others
– our cups are not bottomless and can also overflow.
That’s perhaps the hardest thing to accept: you can’t always be there for others the
way they want or need without taking harm yourself. And nobody can reproach you for
your limits – not even yourself.

My brother and his close friend since 40 years

My brother and his close friend since 40 years

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