Where People Meet

In our fast-paced, technology oriented society public spaces are no longer places
where strangers can meet in a natural way: on buses or trains, on park benches and
at café tables there are hardly any openings for a rapprochement between people
anymore. Everybody is absorbed in their cell phones or in their own little bubble
of music with headphones on, signalling “leave me alone”.
Still I have noticed that these seemingly cut off persons don’t necessarily want to
shut out the outside world: when I discreetly tap one their arms to ask a question
most often they react positively. They smile, answer my question willingly and almost
seem happy to have been contacted. Perhaps they felt a little lonely in their privacy
bubble? However, if you don’t dare to risk what might seem to be an out of the ordinary intrusion, there would hardly ever be any random meetings between strangers, and I think
that is quite sad.
Luckily there are still are people who openly look for communication with strangers,
and luckily there still are places that promote such interaction. One of my favourite
meeting places in the sense off connecting strangers is the Tiny Lumberjack Café in
Lund, Sweden. It is indeed a tiny café, located downstairs in an old house close to
the railway station in this charming city. The interior consists of miscellaneous
pieces of old furniture put together, the decoration is simple yet carefully selected,
and the pastries are few, but home made and delicious (their lemon pie is a dream
and I highly recommend it!).
All this speaks to me, but the main reason why I always return is that this lovely
café is one of very few places in the city where people naturally meet. Partly because
it is so small – you can’t avoid speaking to the other guests on these 15 m2 – and
also partly because the owners are very welcoming, open minded, interested and
interesting people (both of them work as film-makers), who promote communication.
At almost all of my visits, there have been stimulating meetings and conversations,
and I have left the place with a big smile: interaction with strangers is still
possible in our individualised world!
I’d like to strike a blow for small, cosy cafés, where we don’t just retire into our own
private corner, but open up to surprising meetings with The Others. If I had the
financial possibilities I’d open up one myself! ☺

Can it get much cosier…?

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2 Responses to Where People Meet

  1. Margareta Sjöstedt says:

    I agree this is a place all of us need!
    I am grateful to be living close by and able to visit often, to take a cup of Tea or to join the “Monday club” where intersting people are invited to tell us about there Jobs or special Interests. Therese and Marcus is a warm and welcoming couple and all nabours and visitors are happy for their iniative and their hard work behind it.
    We wish them success and a lovely future.
    Come and join us! And dont forget to try the lemon pie it is fantastic!

    • Sabinas says:

      Hej Margareta and thanks for your nice comment! Whenever I’m in Lund on a Monday I go to “Måndagsklubben”, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen all too often, since I live far away. All the best to TLJ and to you 🙂 Sabina PS. I have tried the lemon pie, it’s amazing!

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