Which Are Your Strengths?

Living the way I do I am in the privileged situation to have plenty of time for introspection and self development. One of the things I’ve concentrated on is drawing out my personal strengths, and developing them.
We all have a special talent for something, be it repairing cars, playing an instrument, baking wonderful cakes, or gardening. In our busy adult lives we’re not always aware of them, or take the time to explore them. As my friend Johan used to say: “These are the things that make you shine, when doing them. That’s when you feel most alive.”
So what are the things you most deeply love to do? The things that make you forget time and space when doing them?
If you’re not sure, sit down in peace and quiet, and try to find out. They might be things you adored doing as a kid, and then somehow lost on the way. That’s how it has been for me with writing, knitting and photography.
“Not enough time” is the classic argument, but if you decide not to watch TV an evening or two per week you can use that time to do something that brings out your creativity and leaves you utterly satisfied.
So – which are the strengths you should bring out to feel happier and more fulfilled..?

On of my strengths is making the Plymothian Salad

One of my strengths – cooking!

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