Whisky Glögg

The holiday season is here and even in my village the traditional Christmas ornaments
are in place on the lampposts. Apart from decorating my house the most important preparation is making my own glögg.
Glögg is a Swedish version of mulled wine with sugar, lots of spices, and sometimes – as in this case – some extra liquor. It is served with toasted, chopped almonds and raisins (preferably soaked in the glögg while warming it up). For me, the peak of cosiness on a dark and cold winter evening is to slowly sip a glass of hot glögg in front of
the fireplace.
During the years I have tried out lots of different recipes, but this Whisky Glögg is my absolute favourite. It enhances the Christmas Spirit considerably, so I thought I’d
share it with you!

Whisky Glögg

1 bottle (0,75 dl) red wine
5 dried apricots
zest from ½ an orange (organic)
0,75 dl brown sugar
a tiny pinch of salt
a pinch of grated nutmeg
1 cinnamon stick
½ Tsp. cardamom pods
1 Tbsp. cloves
4 star anise
4 slices of fresh ginger
2 dl whisky*

• Slowly heat up the wine in a casserole. Peel off the zest of half an orange with a
potato peeler and cut the apricots in halves and add them to the hot wine.
• Add sugar, salt, spices and whisky to the wine.
• Let it all simmer (do not boil!) 5 minutes. Cool off the mixture and let it rest for a day.
• Sieve off the orange zest, apricots and spices and fill the glögg into a bottle,
stored in the fridge.

When you feel like a hot cup of winter goodness, slowly heat up some glögg and serve it in a mug together with raisins and chopped almonds, preferably cuddled up in a warm place with nice company or a good book. The hardest part is to enjoy it with moderation 😉

* If you don’t like whisky, substitute it with sherry, fruit brandy, or what else is in your drink cabinet that feels festive.

No, I rarely drink it outside 😉

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4 Responses to Whisky Glögg

  1. Carmen Franzen says:

    Jisses…. precis DETTA hade jag önskat mig just nu!!!! sitter med dig i snön och dricka
    manga fina heta glöggs! mmmums! har bortalängtan!!!!!

  2. Barbara Mage says:

    Merci Sabina !
    J’essaierai une fois avec le whisky !
    La mouture 2018 je l’ai faite avec du rhum agricole et tu l’as goûté. J’avais fait macérer mes épices dans le rhum une semaine afin que l’alcool tire toutes les saveurs de celles-ci.
    Intéressant, les abricots que tu mets avec.
    Au plaisir de le goûter chez toi cet hiver !
    Skäl !

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