White Light Meditation

In wintertime, when days are dark and grey, we need strategies to avoid getting gloomy.
People turn on extra lights in their houses, or even take light therapy, plan for the
next sunny beach vacation, or light dozens of candles. That’s all fine, but it is just scratching the surface.
The most important thing to do is to get as much daylight as ever possible. When at
work, take a brisk walk during your lunch break. Even on a gray and cloudy day, getting
outside can help your skin create the mood-boosting, health-supplementing Vitamin D.
A complete cloud cover only halves the energy of ultraviolet rays, which trigger
Vitamin D production. Getting fresh air and stretching your legs also makes a huge
difference. However, we also need strategies that light us up from the inside. During
the darker seasons I start my day with a “White Light meditation”.
The “White Light meditation” fills up your whole being with light, and the light somehow
stays as a shining centre deep within you. It makes a real difference in both senses
of the world light: you feel shining and you feel less weighed down by everyday problems.
To reconnect with that feeling, take Light Pauses all along your day: sit or stand relaxed, close your eyes for a couple of seconds, feel your third eye filling up with white light,
and how it spreads inside you. There’s even enough light to share with others! When you
open up your eyes the light from within streams out into the winter dark surroundings
and makes them a little brighter – both for yourself and for those around you.

Perfect light therapy

Perfect light therapy

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