Wonderful Wildflowers

Spring is the season for wildflower abundance in the Alps and every flower lover’s paradise! The variety seems endless; flowers come in all shapes and colours and here’s just a small selection.

This pink flower is surely found in other areas than the Alps, but it’s a good example of how beautiful seemingly insignificant flowers are if we just make the effort to look a bit closer.

Onobrychis viciifolia – Common sainfoin

Purple flowers make a bold statement – they show off, even if they’re fragile and delicate like the tassel hyacinth.

Muscari comosum – Tassel hyacinth

The blue flower is a symbol of Romanticism, for longing and love. The Alpine gentian has also become a symbol for the Alps themselves.

Gentiana Alpina – Alpine gentian

White flowers always have this extra feeling of purity. Some of them are favourite food of my neighbours, the Herens cows.

Trifolium montanum – Mountain clover

There is nothing like yellow flowers to spread sunshine even on a grey day! This one somehow brings out a lot of tenderness too…

Lotus alpinus – Alpine bird’s-foot trefoil

Apart from poppies, red wildflowers are quite rare. One of the rarest in Switzerland is this one; and I’ve even got one in my garden!

Adonis aestivalis – Summer pheasant’s-eye

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