Wonders Along My Way I

In a way, every single one of my hikes is a wonder. Already the fact that I live in the mountains with access to a countless number of magnificent trails is something of a miracle and something you think you’d only see in a movie, as is the fact that I have the physics to be able to walk for hours in a row – and on top of it all add the beauty that I come across on my way… However, some hikes are filled with special surprises. These wonders along my way seem to come in clusters – or is it me who is more open and receptive on certain days? Recently I had such a wonderful hike, full of little wonders.
Let me tell you a little about it.
Since I am an eager amateur botanist, I always check at the sides of the path for interesting flowers. This is the season of the light purple field gentian and I had already gotten some nice pictures of it when my eye suddenly fell on a gentian plant with white flowers. It was not the first time that I came across a plant that normally has blue or purple flowers with white flowers instead. These are rare genetic changes, and they always leave me in awe. Nature is already so manifold and on top of that it brings forth these stunning surprises!
Along my way through the forest, down in the brushwood, a big, ripe blueberry caught my eye. Leaning in towards it I discovered that it was full of them down there! A kind of berry euphoria overcame me, and I picked and picked, always seeing more dark blue pearls in the sprigs. The first handful was soon in my mouth… heavenly! Further on there were even more, and all together I surely got about four or five handfuls of these sweet, dark berries, so full of childhood memories.
With purple fingers and mouth I happily continued on my trail, and decided to do some walking meditation. On the flatter and easier parts of my hikes I normally practice it for a quarter of an hour or so, and it is always very refreshing. As I now slowly and consciously walked on I passed close by a torrent. Suddenly I was in a middle of a swarm of butterflies (mainly swiss brassy ringlets and marbled whites) and all fluttering merrily around me! They followed me for a moment, surrounding me with their lightness and grace – a truly magical feeling. Then the butterflies disappeared as quickly as they had arrived, leaving me a bit dizzy and bewildered. It felt as if these elegant little creatures wanted to convey something to me with their dance, and as I continued homewards a message oozed out: let’s get a little lighter, a little less caught up in our worries. Let’s allow ourselves to flutter happily through life every now and then, leaving delicate traces of grace and beauty.

The WHITE field gentian

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