Working With Your Shadow

It’s funny how the right book often shows up at the right moment… My friend G. recommended Debbie Ford’s bok about working with your shadow – exactly what I needed right now.
The shadow is the part of you that you are not aware of, that you’ve hidden, consciously or unconsiously.
Take a close look at what what triggers strong reactions, positive or negative, when dealing with other people. That’s where you’re approaching your shadow.
Are you admiring somebody very much because they paint beautifully or are aces in the kitchen? You probably have that talent yourself, but you haven’t exploited it. Give it an honest try, with energy and perseverance.
Do you get annoyed with somebody because they boast or have racist views? Look deeply into it, and you may discover a hidden need to show off what you’ve accomplished, or a deep fear of not living up to your mother’s demands for justice.
Working with yourself in bringing out what is hidden is one of your main tasks in order to live life fully. Sometimes I feel it’s a never ending undertaking, but one of the most important – and satisfying – ones.

My body's shadow

My Shadow

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