Yellow As The Sun

Botany is one of my main interests in life, and especially the knowledge of medicinal
plants. During the last two years I’ve learned a lot from books and from the internet,
but the best way remains being taught “in the filed” by knowledgeable people (I might
offer such hikes myself one day!). It’s not always obvious to recognise the plants and
to be sure that you’ve got the right one. Some have poisonous false friends, so you
need to watch out.
One of this year’s discoveries is the mullein (verbascum thapsus). As with many other
medicinal herbs you can use both flowers, leaves, and roots, but for now I’ve only used
the flowers. With lots of delicacy and patience they should be picked at midday when
they’re no longer moist, and dried quickly and carefully. The reward is a wonderfully
golden yellow herbal infusion with noticeable relaxant qualities.
Mullein flower tea can be used as treatment for the Herpes Simplex virus, especially
for women where triggered by hormonal fluctuations combined with stress. The plant
has antibacterial and antiviral properties, and is useful against pectoral complaints,
but honestly, I mainly drink it because of its colour: it’s like having the sun in
my teacup 🙂

Yellow as the SUN

Yellow as the SUN

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