At Home Outdoors/Draußen zuhause

When I was a little girl there was a period when my mother had to make me go outside.
I just wanted to remain in the house, being a bookworm already then. There were not
many kids nearby that I liked to play with, and I didn’t really know what to do out
there on my own. Often I spent this enforced time outside on the swing in our garden….
Since then my attitude to outdoor life has changed radically, especially since I
discovered hiking and moved to the Swiss Alps. Here, spending time outside is the
rule and not the exception, at least during spring and summer. I adore my long hikes
with pick nick, photography and flower studies or working a whole day in my garden,
cleaning it up and taking care of flowers, herbs and vegetables.
Even during autumn and winter I go outside for hours, hiking or show-shoeing. Sometimes these winter tours seem even more precious since they’re so urgently
needed: the feeling of getting sun on my pineal gland in December is just wonderful.
The positive effects of an intense outdoor life are manifold:
• You use lots of physical energy and always have a healthy appetite. That is one of my favourite effect, since I also adore cooking and eating ☺
• You most often sleep well at night, since your body has had the possibility to make a real effort and get pleasantly physically tired.
• You get a good complexion, since you always get enough fresh air and sun. Of course it’s crucial to protect the skin against too much sun, but luckily I have found an excellent, organic sun shield (Solar 7 by Soglio).
• When hiking you “walk off” any concerns and worries or other things that may burden your mind. Your thoughts fall into place and you can see clearly again. As the old
Romans so nicely put it: “Solvitur ambulando”, solved by a good walk. You can also practice walking meditation, a wonderful way to nourish your soul, make you
peaceful and happy.
• You nourish my need for beauty every day, spending much time in nature. There are so many wonderful things to see along your path: from the small details (a rock, a flower, some lichen), to the grandiose views over the mountains. All this fills your soul with
deep happiness and a feeling of peace and belonging.
• Spending time in nature will inspire you. I get ideas for little haikus, for blog posts
or small DIY projects.
• Last but not least, during the warm seasons there is the great pleasure of enjoying the effects of my garden work! Because my soil is filled with mountain rocks and rain is
scarce here plants take a long time to grow and develop, but sometimes flowers thrive at unexpected places and I have wonderful surprises in the veggie garden.
I know I am privileged being able to spend so much time in the fresh air in such a beautiful area. Working full-time at an office obviously makes this kind of life-style much harder. However, if you try to go outside on your lunch break and make at least half an hour evening walk every day, you will already be surprised by all the positive effects!

Enjoying outdoor life

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