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Sensational Siblings

We who have siblings can consider ourselves lucky. If our parents were wise enough not to foster competition and jealousy among their children we have one (or several) close friend(s), with whom we share innumerable memories from our childhood years. … Continue reading

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Elective Affinities

I have two brothers and we are very close, the three of us. Recently my younger brother threw a party for his even birthday and once again I enjoyed the company not only of family members, but also of lots … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

Two weeks of relaxed holidays. Time for family & friends. Carefully selected, favourite food, prepared with extra love and care. Long walks, all wrapped up in hats and shawls. Evenings with flickering fires, long conversations, good books and mulled wine. … Continue reading

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The Inner Child

Thinking back at when we were children, there are not always only sunny and happy memories, but also things we feel that we were missing. Perhaps we didn’t always feel fully noticed or appreciated, perhaps we wanted to be hugged … Continue reading

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Be There for the Elderly

It is now been 8 months since my mother passed away. At the age of 89 the day she left us did not come as a surprise, but of course it was still a great loss. Apart from being the … Continue reading

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A Sunny Guesthouse

As a flash it comes – far too quickly – our long longed for mountain summer. Of course, all sharply defined seasons up here are wonderful, but summer is …. Pure Paradise. That is why family and friends all want … Continue reading

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That Familiar Family Feeling

For a freedom addict and loner as myself, closeness with my family wasn’t always on top of my list. The relations were warm and good, but – also due to geographical distances – rather scarce. Getting older I notice that … Continue reading

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Enjoy Being Celebrated

With all the firm convictions I have about how to live a good life – eating healthy and doing sports, dropping the ego and being there for others – my life might seem a bit austere. It’s clear that my … Continue reading

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Closing a Circle

The Circle is one of the most basic symbols of mankind (read more about it here). To a large extent our natural world is made up of circles, starting with the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. Our lives seem … Continue reading

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