Flower Colour Therapy

Finally the flower season has started here in the Alps. During hikes in forest and across meadows an abundance of shapes and colours meets the eye.
Flowers are not only wonderful to look at or examine, but they have an impact on our well-being too. Just as the colours you wear have an effect on your state of mind, flowers of different colours will influence you. This is the season to go out and enjoy all the wonderful flowers in nature, gardens, and parks. Let their energy strengthen you and bring you joy!

RED – Papaver rhoeas – Corn poppy
Material existence, vitality, passion

ORANGE – Calendula officinalis – Marigold
Creativity, compassion, desire, joy

YELLOW – Caltha palustris – Marsh marigold
Self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem

GREEN – semprevivum tectorum – Common houseleek
Inner peace, generosity, love

BLUE – Myosotis arvensis – Forget-me-not
Understanding, communication, expression

INDIGO – Gentiana alpina – Alpine gentian
Intuition, wisdom, focus

VIOLET – Hepatica nobilis – Liverwort
Spirituality, clarity, faith

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