Happy Feet

Many years ago my mother told me about a very old man in Austria, who was asked for the secret of his long life in good health. His answer was: the massage he gave his feet every evening. Since then I have been following his advice.
I’m not pretending to be any kind of a specialist in reflexology or massage, but I’ve checked out where the nerve lines endings of my “organs in need” are placed on my foot soles, and give them extra care. Then I just kneed my feet where it feels good.
For my foot massage I use a good ecological vegetable oil, which is a lot better than a foot cream with lots of strange ingredients that no-one can pronounce. It doesn’t have to be a fancy oil, like argan or avocado, I simply use organic coconut, sesame or olive oil that I find in my food store. I also add essential oils. Originally I did this because of the smell, but looking deeper into their effects, I found a good list of essential oils, suitable for feet. My favourites are peppermint and tea tree oil, because of their fresh smell, but also due to their benefits.
Peppermint oil has a calming and cooling effect – just what my feet need after a long hike or a whole day of standing and walking. Tea tree oil is, for example, antibacterial and very efficient in preventing/treating fungal infections.
If I had to recommend ONE thing you to do on a daily basis, it would be massaging your feet after washing them in the evening. Not only for your general health, but also because you will get wonderfully soft feet. A simple foot massage doesn’t take a long time, just a few minutes, but it gives a great feeling of wellbeing throughout the entire body. Afterwards, I put on a pair of soft cotton socks (wool in winter), and enjoy the feeling of calm and care spreading from my happy feet all the way to my happy soul 🙂

One of the sweetest feet I know 💎

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