Nettle Hummus

My friends say I’m the only person they know who has actually planted nettles in her garden… ! I know they sting, but I just LOVE nettles (and they’re tucked away in a far corner of my garden, just in case 😉). The Swiss herbal expert, reverend Johann Künzle put it this way: “If the stinging nettle had no spines it would have long since been eradicated, since its virtues are so manifold”
1. Vegetables and flowers get stronger and more beautiful when fertilized with
nettle manure.
2. Nettles have so many good health qualities: nettle tea has a positive effect on liver and bile, hypertension, arthritis and may help to relieve urinary infections. It also notably strengthens the immune system.
3. Externally, nettle tonic (prepared like tea) can be used as a facial tonic and as such relieves problems with allergy, acne and eczema. If you have greasy hair or dandruff, try a nettle hair rinse.
In the spring cuisine, stinging nettles are a fresh, wild vegetable with a wonderfully earthy taste. They are twice as rich in iron as spinach, have much more calcium than cow milk and more vitamin C than oranges! You can prepare them like spinach, make a soup or a pesto or why not try the beautifully green nettle hummus below?

Nettle Hummus
3 dl cooked or 230 g of preserved chickpeas
80 g nettles tips
1 Tbsp. olive oil
6-8 leaves of wild garlic/1 garlic clove, pressed
1 Tsp. lemon juice
¼ Tsp. salt
¼ Tsp. fennel seeds, crushed (facultative)
freshly ground black pepper
1. Pick the top leaves from the nettle with gloves. Rinse them in cold water (can later be used to water your plants!).
2. Bring slightly salted water to a boil. Add the leaves, stir well and let them simmer for 3 min. Pour off the water, but drink it since it’s packed with nutrients. Gently squeeze the remaining water out of the nettle leaves.
3. Mix all ingredients in a food processor or hand mixer to a smooth dip.
4. Drizzle over some extra olive oil, and serve the hummus with bread and/or fresh vegetables.
5. Feel how you are eating spring!

For all GREEN lovers!💚

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