Outdoor Meditation

Next to my garden shed there is a perfect space where I can sit outside and meditate unseen and undisturbed. It’s a quiet little corner; the only living souls passing by are the cows or donkeys, sometimes grazing next to my garden. (For a city dweller it might be a challenge to find a place to sit outdoors, but a balcony, a forgotten area in a park, or the garden of a friend might be options.)
I deeply enjoy meditating in nature. Apart form simply refreshing me tremendously, nature meditations have many other advantages. They help you
• become more receptive to your natural environment: sounds, smells, and feelings
get grounded. When your thoughts wander off as you’re meditating outdoors, you simply have to tune your mind back by listening to the sounds of nature.
• connect to unlimited numbers of negative ions in the Earth. These ions flow into your body and help you decrease inflammation, as well as blood pressure.
• synchronise your body’s rhythm with the earth’s natural vibrations (7.83 Hz), the circadian rhythm. The natural rhythm of the natural world takes us with it, and subsequently it takes us back to ourselves.
Unfortunately I cannot meditate outdoors in the morning; at 6 AM it‘s still too cold up here, even in summer. However, the late afternoon, when the sun is low and just shimmers through the leaves of the wild cherry trees in my little meditation area, is perfect. On an old picnic blanket with my meditation cushion, in the soft half-shadow, sometimes caressed by a light evening breeze, I feel viscerally connected to the natural world. Sometimes I do a Sky Meditation, but the simple fact of sitting outside, enjoying the fresh air, the sounds of nature, and the support of the Earth brings me back to myself in a wonderful way.

Right there, right then… 🌼🌼🌼

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