Sensational Siblings

We who have siblings can consider ourselves lucky. If our parents were wise enough not to foster competition and jealousy among their children we have one (or several) close friend(s), with whom we share innumerable memories from our childhood years.
Some of us always had somebody around to play with when we were small or to talk to when puberty struck us. In other cases, as in mine, becoming really close came later. As young adults my brothers and I discovered lots of similarities, common likings and interests and today the moments we meet are very precious.
Alas, as we live far apart we do not see each other very often. There were times when several years passed between our reunions. We would come together with our families and there were only few moments for peaceful talking with my brothers.
Some years ago we decided to meet just the three of us. We went hiking in the beautiful Österlen region in southern Sweden and stayed over at the Vitemölla Badhotell. Our mother had passed on her great interest in good food to us and we deeply enjoyed the excellent meal, served with good wine at that lovely hotel.
Last weekend we repeated that experience, this time in the Stockholm archipelago. We took the ferry to Finnhamn, a natural reserve three hours away from the bustling city and spent a wonderful weekend on this tranquil, beautiful little island. Good meals at the local restaurant, a very nice three hour hike around the island, and a night with excellent sleep in a little wooden cabin.
If you have brothers and/or sisters and somehow take them for granted: dig deeper! Get in touch more often – call them, send emails or WhatsUp messages (it’s so easy nowadays!) and meet as often as you can. Your siblings are a gift of life, which it would be sad not to appreciate. The older you get, the more precious it is to share a common history.

…and the weather was stunning, too!

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  1. Beatrix says:

    Wie gut, dass es auch kleine Grosscousinen gibt! 😉

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