Spreading the Christmas Spirit

A friend, visiting my little village, was surprised by the multifaceted cultural offer here in Mase, and called it an “alternative village”. I love that designation! It’s true, for a tiny place with 260 inhabitants there is a lot going on. In summer we have our fairy tale night, “Nuit du conte”, in autumn there’s the correspondence festival “Lettres de Soie”, and in winter the “Fenêtres de l’Avent”, the Advent Windows:
Three Saturdays in December people from one of the village neighbourhoods arrange a cosy gathering either at somebody’s home or in a common venue. This group of people cook and bake, prepare mulled wine or spiced tea, and decorate the place in a festive way. Late in the afternoon, when it’s getting dark outside, all the villagers are invited to share this Advent gathering. This year the couple organising it in our local mill on the Saturday before Christmas couldn’t make it, so I jumped in. Together with a handful of friends and neighbours we’re preparing such a get-together for the 22nd of December.
Because the strong Christmas traditions back home in Sweden, I’d like to give the event a little Swedish touch. I’ll prepare a “glögg” (mulled wine) without alcohol, bake a “mjuk pepparkaka” (ginger cake), and make pepparkakor (gingersnaps) with Gorgonzola cream – all of them Christmastime classics from Sweden.
There is quite some work with preparations and cleaning up afterwards, but I’m really looking forward to this event! It makes me happy being part of the “Christmas Spirit”. Isn’t that the message of the holidays: getting closer to each other and sharing moments of warmth, light, and joy?
I adore living in an open, generous, alternative village.
PS The event was a huge success and we will definitely arrange it again next year!

Such a warm, friendly and cozy atmosphere. Christmas spirit at its best!

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  1. Beatrix says:

    Das klingt wirklich alles total klasse und bei den Leckereien ist mir klar, dass es ein voller Erfolg war! Grüßli von Beatrixli

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