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Outdoor Meditation

Next to my garden shed there is a perfect space where I can sit outside and meditate unseen and undisturbed. It’s a quiet little corner; the only living souls passing by are the cows or donkeys, sometimes grazing next to … Continue reading

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Inner Peace

In times of inner and/or outer turmoil I need a fixed point – a center of peace to return to and to rest my mind in. When I feel my heart racing or my head swelling of unwanted thoughts or … Continue reading

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From Head to Heart

We all know it: we think too much. We spend too much time and energy in our heads, which leads to everything from headaches to depressions. At work and for solving specific problems it may be necessary, but at least … Continue reading

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White Light Meditation

In wintertime, when days are dark and grey, we need strategies to avoid getting gloomy. People turn on extra lights in their houses, or even take light therapy, plan for the next sunny beach vacation, or light dozens of candles. … Continue reading

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Stop, Smile, and Breathe

It’s been more than ten years that I’ve been reading and thinking about mindfulness and how to live a more conscious life. Of course during that time I’ve taken some steps in the right direction. I’m not blindly rushing on … Continue reading

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