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Hug a Tree

The other day I went up to a beautiful clearing in the forest above the village, where my favourite tree stands. It is an old larch tree, a real survivor. Lightning struck and mutilated it years ago, but it’s still … Continue reading

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Outdoor Meditation

Next to my garden shed there is a perfect space where I can sit outside and meditate unseen and undisturbed. It’s a quiet little corner; the only living souls passing by are the cows or donkeys, sometimes grazing next to … Continue reading

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Early Morning Energy

Waking up at five doesn’t bother me; I just love getting up with the sun. I do my morning sit-ups, oil pulling, water the garden, have a steady bircher müesli breakfast – blog post will follow 😉 – and pack … Continue reading

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The Prerogative of Posture

The difference whether you slouch, or sit and stand straight is very noticeable. Apart of it being very visible to the rest of the world, you can really feel the difference yourself: the straight position both shows and feels like … Continue reading

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Let Your Inner Voice Emerge

In one way or another each one of us has something to communicate to others that can help or inspire them. Each one of us has his or her own inner voice. Do you have access to your own personal … Continue reading

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Be There For Your Tea

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the whole earth revolves. Thich Nhat Hanh Why is it so difficult to do everyday actions mindfully? Because we’re on automatic pilot, having done these things … Continue reading

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The Tender Touch

Saying goodbye to one of my dear friends lately, I enjoyed the tenderness with which she hugged me. Thinking that I wanted more such tenderness in my life, I suddenly realised that I have to show it myself to begin … Continue reading

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Stop, Smile, and Breathe

It’s been more than ten years that I’ve been reading and thinking about mindfulness and how to live a more conscious life. Of course during that time I’ve taken some steps in the right direction. I’m not blindly rushing on … Continue reading

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The Magic of Music

Is there anything that can throw you back into scenes lived long ago, or put you in a certain mood as quickly as music? (Smells perhaps, but that’s for another post) You hear a certain song, or even just the … Continue reading

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