The Inner Child

Thinking back at when we were children, there are not always only sunny and happy memories, but also things we feel that we were missing. Perhaps we didn’t always feel fully noticed or appreciated, perhaps we wanted to be hugged more often, or dreamed of having our parents read bedtime stories to us. These regrets often remain with us as adults. Deep inside us the child we once were still longs to be acknowledged, played with, or hugged.
Have you ever spent a day with your Inner Child? It is a wonderful way of finding back to your own younger self and perhaps even filling some of the old voids. It is also a wonderful way to see the world through the eyes of a child again!
From time to time, I devote a day to the eight-year old girl with an unruly fringe and skinny legs that I once was. Starting off at breakfast, I imagine serving her something she loved, like white bread with a lot of honey and a hot chocolate, and then we will go out and explore the day together. I take my Mini Me by the hand, give her my full attention, answer all her questions, and share my world with her – hoping she will share
hers with me.
Most often we go for a little hike together, perhaps along the bisse (watering canals on the mountains). We stop and play along the water; building little bark boats and see how far they get, dipping our hands in the fresh water and splashing it on each other. Or, more seriously, we study how the water makes its way past all kinds of barriers and I show her flowers and insects of which she tries to learn the names. She climbs in trees next to the pick-nick place and we laugh at the wooden statues that local artists have carved of old tree trunks.
We have our pick nick together on a big blanket next to the little pond, and she devours the fruit tart I brought as dessert. Sitting peacefully in the grass, I ask her about what’s important in her life, and she tells me about her cat, her best friend, and school: little hassles and moments of joy there and at home. We talk about books we like, and things we enjoy to do – and not. I applause her agility in the trees or how quickly she learns building bark boats, and I compliment her on her curiosity and knowledge about nature. And, most important, I tell her how much I like spending time with her and how I enjoy her sweet ways. She shyly smiles and runs off to discover something, and I can see that she’s happy.
At the end of the day, before hugging goodbye, I give her a chocolate heart wrapped in shimmering red paper, as a symbol for my love – and because I know that she
adores sweets ☺
I am convinced that a day like that would have nourished the shy little girl, who – sandwiched between two brothers – often felt invisible, but it also nourishes today’s Sabina. Spending a day with my Inner Child is such a tender experience. I feel happy and invigorated and at the same time it deepens the connection with mys earlier self. When I meet and somehow incorporate the person I was so long ago, I feel… complete.

Mini Me on the left, aged four

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  1. Carmen Franzen says:

    såååååå fina ni är! big like Sabina! <3

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