Marvellous Mittens

Nowadays, with the lifestyle I’ve chosen, I almost only give away hand made gifts for Christmas. Already in the beginning of autumn I try to figure out what will be “The Gift of the Year” – this way I get them all done in time. This year I knitted mittens. I guess if you live in a city mittens are not something you might need, but even city dwellers sometime go out in nature during the cold season, and then mittens come in handy 😉
After some initial mistakes I ended up with my own knitting pattern that worked out well and knitted mittens for all I was worth. I started out knitting only one coloured mittens, that made the process simpler and gave me a rhythm and routine on how to knit mittens. Then, there was step II: learning how to knit mittens with a jacquard pattern.
When I see mittens with intricate jacquard patterns in magazines and on Internet I am always deeply impressed, but they seem so complicated and are knitted with very thin needles, which I find highly uncomfortable. So I searched the Internet and finally found an easy, pretty pattern for needles size 4 on the site of Norwegian yarn producer “Drops”.
I don’t know how many of you are interested in knitting mittens, or even knitting at all … 😉 Still I grab the occasion to strike a blow for this handicraft, because I find knitting so relaxing! It is also a great feeling to be able to produce your own sweaters, hats, socks, mittens, or scarves (a simple scarf is a great thing to start off with!).
So, does anybody feel inspired to start knitting…? I’d love to know!

The pair is for Elsa ♥

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